Totem BAMS is Type Approved by GL

Totem Bridge Alert Management System (BAMS) is type approved by GL in accordance with the latest IMO resolutions.

Totem BAMS presents bridge alarms and warnings on one central panel, and enables easy identification of the source as well as rapid silencing of the audible alarm.

In addition, if alarm description or related information is available, then BAMS reports full information and allows acknowledgment from the panel.

The system can be integrated (option) with Totem Navigation Bridge Watch Alarm System (Totem BNWAS).

BAMS can be operated in 3 different modes: Sea mode (default), Silent mode (no audible alarms), or Anchor mode (alert if position drifted etc.).

One year Log of all system events (system ON/OF, fault resets, alarms log, user activity log, etc.). Download of Log files to external media (via USB).

The system can be installed on any type of vessel.