Main benefits of Totem BNWAS:



Is the system type approved according to IEC 62616?Yes
Is the system BAM compliant?Yes
Does the system has color touch screen with standard icon?Yes
Can one system have two working stations?Yes
Does the system has flexible number of Digital Inputs/Outputs?Yes, Di and DO cards can be added (20 inputs or outputs each)
Does the system has flexible configuration for connection of internal and external signals?Yes, Input/output assigned in configuration file
How much cable is needed?Minimal cable length is required, as cabins are connected in one loop on one communication bus
How many backup officers’ locations can be set?7
How many backup officers can be set at a time?7 (2nd stage Alarm can be activated at 7 officers’ locations at a time)
Can the system include Motion Detectors?Yes. Combined PIR & MW motion detector, thus assuring “false-detection-free” operation (Optional). Motion sensors are not allowed by some classes and flags.
How many Alarm Units can be installed on a single cable loop?Up to 32 Alarm Units and additional 32 via an NMEA buffer (Total 64)
Does the Alarm Unit have “Backup Duty” indication?Yes (To inform backup officer that he is on backup duty)
Does the Alarm Unit have a local silence button?Yes. The local silence button can be disabled if required by class
Is it possible to connect extra buzzers for additional 2nd/3rd stage audible alarm?Yes. (Each Alarm Unit has buzzer output for additional buzzer to sound the alarm in adjacent room/bedroom )
Can the system include battery backup?Yes. UPS for more than 6 hours of operation (optional)
Does the system include an interface to VDR?Yes
Does the system include alarm logging in real time?Yes, The log can be accessed via Screen
How many distinctive audible alarms can be set?4 (to distinguish it from other bridge alarms)
How many distinctive audible alarms can be set in Alarm Units in cabins/common area?2 sound patterns (to distinguish it from sound of other existing alarm panels)
Can the system be connected to the ship’s general alarm (the ship’s horn) or to the security alert system (SSAS)?Yes , 4th stage alarm will be triggered after timeout defined in setup
If reset function is available, how many inputs for External Emergency Call by other bridge systems having this function?20 inputs for Emergency call generated by bridge equipment.
Is it possible to provide additional audible and visual alarm for 1st stage alarm reporting?Yes
Can Paging system be connected?Yes (Addressable to each officer on the 2nd stage, and to all on 3rd stage)
Can the system be installed using a single cable type?Yes
Is the installation simple?Yes. All units are on one communication bus.
“Burglar Alarm” Security mode for unattended and locked bridge in portYes