Cargo Control for Tankers

VRC is a comprehensive control system for tankers. The system is designed for friendly and safe remote control of valves, pumps and other elements of cargo operations.


VRC is an advanced remote control system designed to simplify and increase safety during cargo operations on tankers.
The system includes both hardware and software, using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), large mimic panels, fast PC computers and advanced algorithms.
It reads the valve position indicators and other sensors in the system, displays the relevant information and relays relevant commands to the controlled systems.
Readout is displayed on a 24”mpnitor, and on the independent mimic panel. Control software allows the user to define and execute operational sequence,
specify required values for valve positions or control the valve directly. The system can be interfaced to tank level gauging systems for a complete automatic control.
User friendly interface allows operators to record maintenance activity and condition of valves for future reference.


System Features:

  • Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • PC computers with active 24” screen allows safe monitoring and control of each element in the cargo system.
  • Large mimic panels with color LED bar graphs shows valve positions and movements.
  • Several levels of operation complexity: direct open/close commands, target value commands, sequence execution.
  • Continuous logging of all system operations into history files for easy scanning of past performance.
  • Friendly software for easy calibration of each sensor.
  • Restriction by password of important commands to authorized personnel only.
  • Maintenance module records relevant technical and service information.
  • Online help menu.


  • Tank Level Gauging system and High Level Alarm system can be smoothly interfaced with the VRC Cargo Control.