Loadmate - Stress, Stability and Planner


Designed for container ships, bulkers, car carriers and tankers, Totem Plus LoadMate is a modern, comprehensive Loading Calculator, Stress and Stability package.

System Highlights

Designed by marine experts and written with the newest software tools, it is a powerful and at the same time very friendly program. Cargo planning is carried out with instant response to any change in loading or tank conditions. Stability criteria and stress analysis are calculated in accordance with Classification Societies requirements. Special features include stress optimization, draft survey, Bridge Visibility and more. Totem Plus-LoadMate can run on any Windows PC system and can exchange information with other systems onboard or ashore.

System Features

  • Separate modules for Tankers, Bulkers or Container Ships.
  • Full calculation of stability, draft and list criteria.
  • Intact stability G’Z curves, curve analysis, wind effect or grain shiftings.
  • Shear forces and bending moments in graphical and textual forms.
  • Torsional Analysis.
  • Dynamical analysis – Stresses in Waves (optional).
  • Data exchange with other systems (Tank Gauging Systems, Container Terminals (baplie) etc).
  • Fast and friendly cargo and tanks planning tools.
  • Warning messages (alarms) for out of bounds or abnormal loading conditions.
  • Automatic cargo planning to minimize stress (Bulkers and Tankers).
  • Visibility range from bridge and Air draft calculation.