Mini VDR – Cost effective solution for small vessels



Mini VDR was developed by Totem Plus with the small vessels in mind, specifically tugboats and pilot boats etc. in ports and harbours where the local port authorities so demand. Totem Mini VDR maintains, in a secure and retrievable form, a record of all the information that will be used during any investigation to identify the cause(s) of a marine incident.


Mini VDR technical specifications

  • Mini VDR capsule storage capacity is 12 hours.
  • Copy of data on SSD (Solid State Disk): Totem Mini VDR keeps the full data for 30 days and the navigational records for ONE YEAR on the Mini VDR computer SSD.
  • Serial recording of three (3) NMEA data channels from GPS, AIS etc. (more channels optional).
  • Audio Recording: Totem Plus has 4 independent audio channels, without any mixing, for microphones and VHF.
  • Optional – Radar recording.
  • Replay module for both ship and office.
  • Means of extracting Stored data from Mini VDR.
  • The size of Mini VDR cabinet is WxHxD 400x500x220 mm.
  • The size of Mini VDR capsule is 115 mm high and 50 mm in diameter.
  • Built in Siemens S7 PLC makes easy interface to a large number of binary or analog inputs, allowing readout of Non NMEA systems. 13 digital inputs available as standard.
  • Mini VDR monitor installed on the cabinet and displays status of recorded items at all times.
  • PMC specifications: shock protected, water pressure protected (100 meter).
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