VDR / SVDR -The only VDR with owners in mind



    Totem Voyage Data Recorder is a well proven and affordable system. Totem VDR/SVDR fully complies with IMO regulations and is type approved by DNV. Totem VDR is the only VDR with added value benefits to ship owners.

Totem VDR/SVDR Owner Benefits

  • Owner’s copy of data on hard disk: Totem VDR/SVDR navigational records are kept for ONE YEAR on the VDR/SVDR computer hard disk. (Assisting with US customs security requirements, charterers claims etc.)
  • Data transfer ashore by remote queries through SATCOM
  • Extra monitor with free IBS information: VDR/SVDR monitor displays status of recorded items at all times (Redundant Integrated Bridge System Information).
  • Replay module for both ship and office
  • Means of extracting Stored data from VDR/SVDR

Totem VDR/SVDR Technical Advantages

  • Ten (10) independent audio channels, NO MIXING of audio channels
  • Built in Siemens PLC for easy interface of Non NMEA systems
  • The Unique Option for Float-Free or Fixed Capsule solutions
  • The final recording medium, as stipulated by IMO regulations,must be installed in a protected and secure tamper-free capsule. Totem Plus is now offering the choice between either a fixed or a float-free type, providing the user with a decision as to which capsule type is right for them.

Playback and Analysis Software

  • Playback software is included free of charge
  • Display of all recorded data is possible on any PC computer
  • Analysis of recorded data designed for crew training, performance monitoring and supervision of operations.

Remote Maintenance with Totem Cellular Router

    A Cellular Router allows remote diagnostics, updates and assistance to Totem VDR.