Totem AIS-VTS - AIS based Vessel Traffic System

System Featuers

  • Cost effective solution for traffic monitoring
  • Electronic Chart Display with full VTS features
  • Meeting port security needs as set in the ISPS Code
  • Optional upgrade


  • AIS (Automatic Identification System),single or multiple
  • Electronic Chart Display
  • Work Stations (one or multiple)
  • Microphones (optional)
  • Audio and communication recording
  • Supports S-57 (Official IHO standard ENC vector charts) and C-MAP CM93/3 chart formats.

Upgrade Options

  • Radar overlay (single or multiple)
  • Ship-shore communication (VHF)
  • Direction finder (DF)

Totem AIS-VTS Advantages

  • AIS based to make the system affordable
  • Advanced system with all functions of radar based VTS
  • Easy integration of peripherals and other equipment
  • Comprehensive response to safety and security needs
  • Easy-to-use system

Additional information