Hull Stress Monitoring (HSM)

Totem Plus Hull Stress Monitioring


    Totem Plus Hull Stress Monitoring measures and analyzes important parameters affecting Hull Stresses on ships. Such parameters include Bending moments, Pitching, Rolling and Pounding. Alarms are given if any parameter deviates from the allowed region, and correlations between parameters are easily obtained. Online transverse stability (GM) is measured and displayed from the rolling period, and parametric rolling probability is calculated based on actual roll and pitch parameters. The system should be used in order to give useful information to masters on possible actions such as ballasting, changing course etc. The system is based on dedicated sensors such as Long Based Strain Gauges (innovatively designed by Totem Plus – see picture), Accelerometers (measuring Pounding and Slamming) and inclinometers. The Hull stress monitoring can be integrated with a stress and stability software (recommended).

System Features

  • Real Time measurement and monitoring of hull movements and stresses.
  • Bow acceleration measurements during pounding or slamming.
  • Two inclinometers measuring heel and trim.
  • Trend Analysis and Data Co-relations.
  • Accurate Calibration by Comparison to Calculated Bending Moments.
  • History file kept automatically for off-line analysis.
  • First-rate quality sensors: waterproof & long expectancy.
  • Continuous reading of Real-Time Values.
  • User Friendly Graphical Interface (GUI).
  • Issued alarms due to malfunction or data inconsistencies.
  • Transverse stability measurements at real time(GM).
  • Alarm on GM out of bounds or GM change during voyage (gradient change).
  • Alarm on high probability of Parametric Rolling