CCTV Berthing Aid - Closed-Circuit TV Berthing Aid


    A TV camera is monitoring the stern of the ship and the giant Stern Ramp of PCTC ships during docking, and shows on the bridge the optimal position of the vessel with regard to obstructions on the pier that may obstruct the stern ramp. Superimposing the Stern Ramp picture (as saved in memory) on the actual picture (with the stern ramp raised) allows fine tuning of position before the actual lowering of the ramp and helps pilots and captains to decide on final docking position. Different Stern ramp pictures can be imposed, for different fender configurations which affect the distance of the vessel from the pier when moored. The Berthing Aid saves time and effort and avoids delays that may occur if after mooring the vessel it is discovered that the Stern Ramp cannot be lowered because there are mooring bits or other obstructions that are hampering a safe ramp positioning.