IMACS 2020: modern, event based automation system – a step towards autonomous vessels

    • The new system will enhance engineer situation awareness and will be essential on autonomous vessels. To name some of those features:
      Totem Plus will present in SMM 2018 the new concept of IMACS 2020, a modern Automation System (Integrated Alarm, Monitoring and Control System).
  1. Immediate Decision Support:

    for each alarm, IMACS can issue the advice stipulated by the engine maker or management.
    Examples: Decrease engine power, Cut off injection, Increase lubrication, etc.
  2. On Screen Reference:

    On each alarm, user can open the relevant page in the relevant manual directly from the alarm form.
  3. SA: Multi Sensor Alarm

    Physical Events are defined, based on status of several sensors, and alarms are issued on events and not on single sensor set-points.
    Events can be taken from manuals or defined by superintendent or chief engineer. Examples: Fire in Cylinder X, Defective pressure control valve etc.
  4. Big Data Analysis:

    Engine data can be analyzed in real time or off line.Trends of important sensors can be found and projected to show future values,
    correlations of sensors under varying conditions (RPM, draft etc.) can be analyzed, and more.