BNWAS – Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System



Totem BNWAS monitors bridge activity and raises alarm if the Officer On Watch (OOW) becomes incapable of performing the OOW’s duties.
The system complies with BNWAS standard MSC.128 (75) and IEC_62616 {ed1.0}en_(2010) and with MSC.302(87), IEC 62288 Ed.2.0 (2014), IEC 61162-1 (2016), IEC 61924-2 (2012) Module C.

The BNWAS complies also with (EU) 2017-306 and MSC.302(87) and IEC 62923-1 Ed.1 regarding BAMS requirements from BNWAS.

Totem BNWAS Features


  • Easy and affordable upgrade to full BAMS system (Optional).
  • Flexible number of Digital Inputs/Outputs (20 inputs/outputs per card, up to 120 total)
  • Flexible configuration for connection of internal and external signals
  • Easy Installation: All Cabin units are connected on one single communication bus (Daisy Chain) to minimize required cable length.
  • 9.7″ color touch screen for time counter, system status presentation and system configuration.
  • Reset of system by the following options:
    • Reset button (7 locations: Main and up to 6 secondary reset units. More then 6 optional).
    • Movement detected by motion sensors (combined technology of Infrared and Microwave, ceiling mounted).
    • Activity on other navigational equipment.
  • Waterproof reset unit for wing installation.
  • Officer Cabin Alarm unit with Backup Duty and Bridge Alarm indication and local silence.
  • Any combination of backup officers can be set.
  • Password protected access.
  • Timer setup for:
    • Dormant period 3-12 minutes.
    • Watch alarm transfer to second stage (backup duty officer) 30 seconds.
    • Watch alarm transfer to third stage 90-180 seconds (Adjustable).
    • Watch alarm transfer to fourth stage (General Alarm, 1-20 minutes, adjustable) Watch alarm transfer to fourth stage (General Alarm, 1-20 minutes, adjustable).
  • NMEA output for transfer of BNWAS status to VDR.
  • NMEA output for BAMS communication
  • Pager system connection (optional)

Added Value:” Burglar Alarm” Security mode for unattended and locked bridge in port