IMACS - Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control Systems


    Totem Plus IMACS is an Integrated Monitoring, Alarm and Control System for engines and machinery onboard ships. The system is comprised of Siemens PLC units in full redundancy, PC computers and powerful software. The comprehensive system provides integration of Power Management System, Tank Level indication, Anti Heeling and Loading program in addition to the “standard” Engine Monitoring and automation features. Shore-side “Office” version with offline data and fault analysis is provided.

System Highlights

  • Use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware eliminates the dependence on dedicated, more expensive and less accessible “marine” spare parts – enabling easy service and/or repair anywhere in the world.
  • Fault finding and maintenance are very easy due to the SIMATIC-S7 PLC Push-Pull modules that can be replaced in no time.
  • All work stations are connected by a common network and each station can take over the entire system regardless of other stations failure.
  • Other computers on ship’s LAN can log into the system at will (for monitoring only). Full redundancy of CPU and BUS – automatic take over if one PLC fails. Open architecture – easily fitted for every vessel.
  • Full redundancy of CPU and BUS – automatic take over if one PLC fails.
  • Open architecture – easily fitted for every vessel.


IMACS 2020 with DSS

    Engineer Decision Support System: Increase of Engineer situation awareness & response time. To name some of those features:
  • Immediate Decision Support: for each alarm, IMACS can issue the advice stipulated by the engine maker or management. Examples: decrease engine power, cut off injection, Increase lubrication, etc
  • On Screen Technical Reference: On each alarm, user can open the relevant page in the relevant manual directly from the alarm form
  • MSA: Multi Sensor Alarm: Physical Events are defined, based on status of several sensors and alarms are issued on events and not on single sensor set-points. Events can be taken from manuals or defined by superintendent or chief engineer. Examples: Fire in Cylinder X, Defective .pressure control valve, etc.

On Line Stability

    Container ships and Car Carriers can be at risk of losing stability due to wrong cargo values: IMACS 2020 allows measurement of GM onboard to keep vessel safe at all times
  • GM from Pre Sail inclining experiment
  • Automatic GM monitoring during voyage