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Company Profile


Totem Plus was established in 1994, and since then has succeeded to become a prominent developer of advanced Automation and Navigation systems. Systems developed and produced by the company are installed on more than a thousand vessels worldwide, and its systems have unique and innovative features that distinguish them from other makers. The company has won several international awards (including the Plimsol Award and the Tanker Safety Innovation Award) for outstanding contribution to safety onboard. Totem Plus succeeded to be innovative and develop unique systems that in many cases are “first in the world” and beyond the standard required.

The innovative products of Totem Plus can be listed according to the following categories:

Totem Plus - EDA
Totem Plus - ECDIS & DST
Totem Plus - IMACS
Totem Plus - BAMS

Totem Plus Navigation Systems

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display System; including its unique Decision Support Tool for Collision Avoidance at sea (DST) and its “Near Miss” analysis called EDA (E Navigation Data Auditing). Both DST and EDA are unique, involve “big data” analysis, have proven that safety of navigation onboard can increase dramatically.

INBAS – Integrated BAMS, Bridge Alarm Management System (central bridge alarm system) & BNWAS (bridge navigation watch alarm system)

Conning System

VDR – Voyage Data Recorder (with built in efficiency analysis). It is VDR 2014 (fully complies with IMO 2014 new regulations (MSC.333(90)); Totem VDR is approved to serve also as a conning display (no need to pay for a separate conning system if you take our VDR).

Totem Plus Automation Systems
IMACS, Integrated Engine Monitoring Alarm and Control systems, is a full Automation system that combines several control and monitoring functions into one integrated system. The system covers “simple” alarm and monitoring, power management (PMS), tank level gauging (TLG), valve remote control (VRC), anti-heeling and other automation functions into one integrated system. However, integration is only the basic part and IMACS goes far beyond that. IMACS provides MSA (multi sensor alarms) mechanism that makes IMACS respond to “events” rather than single sensors where “events” are defined by several sensors in coincidence. “Events” allows IMACS to provide the user with immediate advise on what to do (Engineer DST – again first in the world) with immediate reference to the relevant manual. In addition, IMACS provides constant, on-line Transverse Stability measurement. Both the MSA and the real-time stability are unique feature of IMACS.

Other Activity
The company is also active in other areas such as Autonomous vessels, Hull Stress Monitoring, CCTV solutions, VTS, Portable Pilot units, Radioactive detection and spectral identification, and dedicated marine projects.

Totem Plus global network of distributors and agents offer sale and technical support to our customers all over the world. Quality assurance is – ISO 9001:2015.

Totem Plus intends to keep its position as a supplier of reliable and advanced systems, and develop more advanced systems that will increase safety for mariners at sea and will help ship owners minimize their operational expenses.15